Template Tags & Filters

To use the included template tags and filters, load the library in your templates by using {% load recommends %}.


The available filters are:

similar:<limit>: returns a list of Similarity objects, representing how much an object is similar to the given one. The limit argument is optional and defaults to 5:

{% for similarity in myobj|similar:5 %}
    {{ similarity.related_object }}
{% endfor %}


The available tags are:

{% suggested as <varname> [limit <limit>] %}: Returns a list of Recommendation (suggestions of objects) for the current user. limit is optional and defaults to 5:

{% suggested as suggestions [limit 5]  %}
{% for suggested in suggestions %}
    {{ suggested.object }}
{% endfor %}

Templatetags Cache

By default, the templatetags provided by django-recommends will cache their result for 60 seconds. This time can be overridden via the RECOMMENDS_CACHE_TEMPLATETAGS_TIMEOUT.